The Power of : “I’m proud of you!”

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It is January 16, 2015, and the kids in our district have had three full school days since December 21, 2014. With sub-freezing temps but no accumulated snow to play in, an artist husband, and me unemployed, that’s a lot of family togetherness. Freezing outside + no school + Mom, Dad, and child at home for 28 days … Om …

Dina McQueenThe Power of : “I’m proud of you!”


Dina McQueen Alchemy, Transcendence

Is it Possible to Transcend Who You Think You Are? Can transformation happen by simply being still and silent long enough to hear your creative muses knocking at your door? If I were to answer from 99.9% of my past experiences, I would say No. However, I also have begun to experience Yes. I used to think that Paul Simon …

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