Winter 2016 Procrastination

Dina McQueen Creating happines, Eleanore Roosevelt, ESL Commitment, Fearlessness

“You must do the things you think you cannot do.” –Eleanor Roosevelt I am no Eleanor Roosevelt. The above image proves this. However, I believe that since leaving my parents’ house at 18, I have felt compelled to attack what scares me with relentless fervor. In looking back, I can see that this devil-may-care attitude actually opposed Mrs. Roosevelt’s ideology; …

Dina McQueenWinter 2016 Procrastination

The Power of : “I’m proud of you!”

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It is January 16, 2015, and the kids in our district have had three full school days since December 21, 2014. With sub-freezing temps but no accumulated snow to play in, an artist husband, and me unemployed, that’s a lot of family togetherness. Freezing outside + no school + Mom, Dad, and child at home for 28 days … Om …

Dina McQueenThe Power of : “I’m proud of you!”

The New Yorker, Robert J. Wolff, & Beauty

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From The Man From Highbelow, by Robert J. Wolff: “In the late spring of 1926 I came to New York City disillusioned and bored with college life, and settled into an exciting but bewildering new life. What struck me hardest was the frightening impersonality of the city man whose individuality was abstracted into the massive collective identity of men as …

spilgrimThe New Yorker, Robert J. Wolff, & Beauty