When Society Collides With a Global Pandemic

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In her 1988 New York Times bestselling book, When Society Becomes an Addict, the late author Dr. Anne Wilson Schaef compared western culture to “an active alcoholic.” I was 29 years old and in film school when I discovered this book. Even though I was still employed as the Production Editor of a travel magazine located off Market Street, I …

Dina McQueenWhen Society Collides With a Global Pandemic

Pandemic Memory #4

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Christmas, 1968 It’s Christmas as I watch my brothers, two older, one younger, follow my father out the front door in their fancies. They’re leaving my mother and me home, heading to Chicago to spend the evening at Aunt Mary and Uncle Murray’s, where a ceiling high Christmas tree salutes guests as they enter the apartment from the carpeted hallway …

Dina McQueenPandemic Memory #4

Pandemic Memory #3

Dina McQueen Pandemic musings

Chickenpox, 1973 The itching is insane. The bumps have popped up in my scalp, inside my mouth, eventually they’ll even erupt on the lips of my … um … vagina. As I moan inside the pounding of my own brain, I silently scream, When will this nightmare end? Mother dabs puffy cotton balls drenched in Calamine Lotion across my back, …

Dina McQueenPandemic Memory #3

Pandemic Memory #1

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Wash your hands This morning washing my hands I realized this:  Perhaps the one and only truly useful thing my father ever taught me was how to wash my hands. In one of the only memories I have spending alone time with my father I am five years old, in the bathroom I shared with my three brothers. I stand …

Dina McQueenPandemic Memory #1