New Yorker Cover-May 18, 1987


Each dry mounted, custom framed original New Yorker cover is securely set in a U.S.A.-made frame. All frame backs have been professionally assembled and are ready to hang. Each original, pristine cover is easily removable if new frame is desired. Cost includes shipping and handling anywhere in the United States.




The year was 1986 when I–reluctantly–traded in my orange portable electric typewriter for my first clunky desktop computer. I realized after a very short while how much easier it was to edit myself by using the backspace rather than white out tape. I love this New Yorker cover so much because it depicts a never-to-be-seen again scene: human beings holding books, newspapers, notepads and not looking up at their fellow lunch-goers. Though it may appear at first glance that things haven’t really changed all that much–we still are not in the habit of striking up conversation at lunchtime with strangers, or even co-workers much of the time–but now it’s noisier. All that talking on the phone, ringtones chiming and email notifications sounding off. Funny how life can so dramatically change on the outside, but rarely to human beings actually change all that much on the inside.


May 18, 1987–notice the lack of electronic devices!