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Is it Possible to Transcend Who You Think You Are?

Can transformation happen by simply being still and silent long enough to hear your creative muses knocking at your door?

If I were to answer from 99.9% of my past experiences, I would say No.

However, I also have begun to experience Yes.

I used to think that Paul Simon was right: “After changes upon changes, we are more or less the same …” During the summer of 2014, though, this “same” began to dissolve. Along with the belief that transcendence of self was simply not possible; my entire adult life I had believed that we were born who we were meant to be, and that was simply that.

I used to believe that the memories I harbored of myself as a serious, often sad, marginalized girl were real and set in stone—that I was born that way. I even took some pride in this aspect of myself because my mother, and even my Uncle Guy Wolff used to tell me how much my personality resembled my granddad’s, abstract painter Robert J. Wolff, on whose birthday I was born. I wore the brooding badge as a sign of connection to my dear departed Grandpa Wolff. Past life experiences had only solidified inherent me, the person born on the same day as our family’s intellectually-inclined, sometimes depressive, artist. I believed that there was nothing I could do to change this person because I believed my soul was enmeshed with my personality.

Until recently, I did not, could not, connect with the commonly held spiritual (New Age) ideology that our true essence is light, love, non-judgment, joy—God-like.

But then this: Summer 2014 alchemy happened and I began to shift. My sight of the past and of myself dissolved. The once darkish perception of how I saw myself walking in this world slipped away. Instead of looking at the world or myself through what can be described as a sheer gray veil, my inner eyes were no longer shielded.

Due to the very nature of alchemy, I find myself at a loss to explain what happened. Something to do with the Super Moon full moon, the sky, the air, and my intention to shift.

Intention + Right Circumstances (sometimes) = Transcendence

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